When welcoming a new client, we include a methodical and comprehensive report of her existing portfolio. We examine new client accounts systematically and pinpoint the portfolio’s “baseline.” Read More

Our report includes details such as how much geographic exposure the portfolio has, what the overall dividend/yield of the portfolio is, the overall risk position, any over concentration in one asset or sector, and how much the client was truly paying for investment advice. Only after we have fully considered the existing portfolio, including our client’s other assets, do we prepare an investment plan. This and the new portfolio allocation will be tailored to the client’s individual and agreed upon needs.

Because we work for the long-term, we prefer not to buy and sell securities on a routine basis. Instead, we monitor each security controlled by our clients and adjust only as needed. Read More

We strive to minimize fees and tax consequences, and we always consider these factors when managing our clients’ portfolios. We keep our clients’ investment plans on track with quarterly reviews, and we communicate with our clients via monthly newsletters. Our goal is to speak with each of our clients individually, as discussion allows us to more fully examine the unique factors impacting distinct portfolios and financial plansWhile we specialize in asset selection, portfolio construction, and ongoing portfolio management, our long-term success is defined by how well we help create and manage our clients’ wealth. We feel most effective when we have a holistic understanding of our clients’ financial situation. In every relationship, we strive to understand the unique and complex web of money flows, so that we may offer constructive and appropriate financial recommendations. As a fiduciary, we feel it is critically important to be armed with an abundance of information, so we may deliver individualized value to our clients.

A recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) showed that 36% of workers over 54 years old have less than $10,000 in savings and investments. Read More

This is a disturbing fact as the population ages, and government programs such as medicaid and social security are on the brink of falling apart. We take a proactive role in helping our clients better understand their income replacement needs during retirement, and we help them create a realistic plan to achieve those goals in the future.