Model Broker Model
Your Fiduciary Your Salesman
Provide Guidance Sell Products
Earn Professional Fees Work on Commission
Provide Open Architecture Offer House Products
Maintain Your Interests Navigate Conflicts of Interest
Preserve Clarity Create Confusion
Work Approachably Operate Reclusively
Independent Financial Advisors Traditional Brokerage

Transparent Fee Structure

Our Investment Management Services include basic financial planning, continuous investment services, money management, and custody at our third party broker (TD Institutional). Our fee does not include transactional expenses charged by our third party broker. Transactional expenses are the commissions charged per trade by our third party broker, and we do not receive any payments from these services. Transaction costs range from $9.99-$16.99 per trade.

Our continuous investment services include strategy, asset allocation, investment selection, and risk management. As part of out commitment to continuity of service, we provide to our clients portfolio reports, monthly commentary, quarterly communications, and brokerage statements.

In a commission relationship, accountability ends at the point of sale.
In our ongoing, fiduciary relationship, our accountability never ends.
Low Range AUM                                                                                   Fee (% Of AUM)
Up to $200,000 Minimum Relationship Fee of $2,000 per year
$200,001 – $500,000 2.00%
$500,001 – $1,000,000 1.75%
$1,000,001+ 1.5%