April 2013 Commentary


The Market at an All-Time High

Last month, we pointed out the significance of all the major market indices (sans the NASDAQ) surging to record highs. April was an interesting month in a very different way. While the major indices digested their gains, there was absolute carnage in the commodity space. Most notably, gold, the safe-haven of choice for investors over these last few tumultuous years, shed 7.57% on the month. In one day alone, gold lost 9.6% of its value. Many continue to blame the decline in gold on some sinister plot or dismiss it as a warning sign for the broader economy. We think these explanations are far more indicative of the religion around gold as an asset, than it is of something meaningful for the economy; we discussed this in our February 2013 Investment Commentary. To that end, we attribute the decline in gold to two important forces: 1) golds failure as a safe-haven during the worst of the Euro crisis, during which the price actually declined; and, 2) the markets continued resilience at all-time high levels. Today, we would like to focus on this second point and what it means for the broader investment environment.