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What’s Out There

Experienced investors know that financial markets are cyclical. Unfortunately, people too often put emotional interest ahead of financial prudence. Having worked through the dot.com and real estate bubbles, we’ve seen first hand how reactionary thinking breeds instability and leads to booms and busts. Worse yet, the financial industry plays its own dangerous game. Professionals whose livelihood depends on the generation of commissions are less likely to engage in prudent management. Firms facing this conflict of interest will seek their own benefit at the expense of the client, often herding people into opaque structures or using product sales to churn their clients’ accounts. In this system, there is no arbiter; no accountability. We think there is a better way.

What We Believe In

At RGA, we believe the financial industry should forge a trust between advisor and stakeholder. We see ourselves as stewards of our clients’ hard earned wealth, determined to focus first and foremost on our clients’ interests. We will never sell results to begin a relationship; instead, we seek people who share our core philosophy and vision. Our clients are long-term thinkers who understand that wealth management is a marathon, not a sprint. While outcomes matter, our clients believe, first, in our process.

Why RGA?

We have one simple and transparent fee, and we sell absolutely no products of any kind. We place great emphasis on understanding each client’s long-term goals, and we invest with an eye toward the future, creating a realistic path toward meeting and exceeding long-term needs. We aim to minimize fees and tax consequence while maximizing our clients’ ultimate ability to compound wealth. It is our mission to grow alongside our clients, not at their expense. Just as we seek healthy, long-term investments, so do we hope to create client relationships that last a lifetime.